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Musicans, Kabier born and raised in Byron Bay. He grew up skateboarding, listening to music and going to the beach, which has inspired his new single "SUMMER".  Joins us as we chat about more about his latest single.

"My genre I have been creating is definitely funk orientated and I have been adding in splashes of disco and soul into lots of my songs. Lots of the music I have been creating is definitely trying to create a fun happy vibe that people can enjoy and dance to." 

Chanel Samson lets us in on the creative communities they are involved with, as well as, the importance to have a community of creatives.

"Creativity is freedom;

I am everything. I observe, I process, I spit out glitter. When I have something to say I write songs. When I feel like connecting to people I perform. When I’m feeling introverted I draw and write poetry. I’m super grateful for all my outlets."


‘Vintage Revamp’ was created using new and authentic vintage fabric collected from various second hand shops, during a road trip across rural, Australia.

"The objective was to create something new and relevant using old materials. I aim to remove the stigma of second hand and promote the urgent need to work with what already exists. Futuristic fashion is not only using old fabric in a new way, but also about the future of fashion and the essential steps needed to remain relevant in this ."environment."

Aden Senycia is a music producer and has been in the music inndustry for 12 years. He also plays in an electronic duo, "Flower Drums" and plays bass in a band called "Tender Buttons".  

"Coincidentally at age 15 I had a friend who needed to pay rent and he happened to have acquired some recording equipment off the back of a truck.

I purchased this equipment from him for next to nothing and spent the next few years working out how to plug it all into each other."


TATTOO ARTIST Rachel Jane, from MELBOURNE VIC, is 30 years old and shares her experience in the industry and her art/tattoo style.

"I think my love for tattooing increased when I was around 17/18years old. I started exploring history in a lot more depth as I began to feel drawn towards it as a career path. Coming from New Zealand where it’s culturally appreciated through Polynesian/Maori cultures, I had the added filter of viewing it in the light of connection to culture and ancestry as well as with the general association to fringe society."


Multimedia Artist Hannah Ward explains the inspiration behind her latest series "BUILDING PRAYERS"

"Recent works contain loosely narrative, ceremonial images that explore intimacy, mortality, and the process of healing. I examine religious phenomenon and ritual in relation to the natural world.  In addition to my personal artwork, I work as a prosthetics technician full time."

A photography series of Elf Ellis and Jascinta Morton in the wild

Lauren Hancock is the She Will Be Wild photographer, sharing her series of women connecting, interacting and getting back to their roots through nature.

A beautiful series featuring Elf Ellis and Jascinta Morton.

UK, trap, metal musician THR13TN chats to us about being anonymous and his next steps as a musician.

"If you connect with my music in a different way than me, then that’s good. That means you’re true to yourself and not trying to ‘feel’ something that was supposed to be ‘right’. Stay honest. I’m trying to express every emotion that a human can actually go through, cause I’ve gone through each and every one of them myself. It’s okay to feel sad/angry, just as it is to okay to feel happy..."


Painter and graphic artist Semra Kadric explains the psychological topic and interactions that come about throughout the series.

"Personally, I periodically explore different styles from realism, expressionism to abstraction. Mostly expressive realism is my field of action and also my favourite style.

During my studies, I developed an interest in portrait, portrait psychology, and psychological portrait. Motives are most often female, because in the context of psychology in which I avoid literal characterisations and use metaphorical hints more, I prefer to use female portraits and figures because I am female, and I find that I better and more honestly form an idea within the gender to which I belong and which I understand better."


TEXAS ARTIST, OSEF tells us about the creative process, past trauma which have influences pieces of work, which is why Osef is of donating to Child Sexual Abuse.

A lot of my work is very nonlinear and not straight forward. Even the gesture of a hand in a certain way to project an emotional pull is symbolism to me. So some of it jumps out at people and they connect with it. Others are just for me and sort of sits hidden in plain sight.

We catch up with tattoo artist Mitch Demok and discuss his progression over the past year at Full Specturm Tattoo, VIC.

"I have definitely seen my tattoo and style progress since last time, just over a period of time with lots of watching and sitting I have been taught new techniques and practices to apply to my work and I have found a lot more subject matter that resonates with me to incorporate!

The most challenging bit of tattooing was through the first 12 months of my apprenticeship. Unpaid, long hours and a lot of nitty gritty boring tasks to complete but all well worth it in the long run to where I am currently and where this path will direct me." 


Elf Ellis (Duchess Dank) is Intitular Creatives Cannabis Guru. She shares her knowledge of Cannabis, weed, THC, Indica, Sativa and the benefit's, pro's and con's of the this magical plant.

"The two major types of cannabis plants are Indica and Sativa. Each strain has it's own range of effects on the body and mind resulting in a wide range of medicinal benefits. Indica strains generally provide a sense of deep body relaxation, while Sativa strains tend to provide a more energising experience."


Interview with Lane Hawkins & Josh Berry who are V.Y.B.E. Singing, songwriting, producing and recording all their tracks themselves.


The "Body Positivity" movement has recently been made mainstream by many...


By Natalie Edge

If you're someone who is questioning the "Devils Lettus"... Do you want to hear the truth? 


By Elf Ellis