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ABN: 93724951852

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Sunshine Coast film Videographer/Photographer Ella Tubman shares her experience as a full time creative in fields like real-estate, brand videos, wedding videos, portrait photography, music videos and more.


A bit about yourself?

I’m nineteen and I run a full time video production and photography business called Ella Tubman Films on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. 

Creating brand videos, wedding videos, portrait photography, Real Estate videos/photos, event videos, music videos and editing.


What inspired you to get into photography /videography?

I think watching a lot of VHS movies and MTV music videos on the tv when I was little. I always wondered how they did that!


What was the first camera you had?


Mums old 2005 digital camera that I found in the cupboard when I was 12


What has your style developed from when you first started till now?

I think my style used to be very slow and coastal, but now I’m interested in playing with weird effects and different faces + people. 

I'm very inspired by the fast edgy videos that Calvin Klein produce. Whoever is in charge of their video marketing nailed it!

How do you feel when you’re behind the camera?


Either inspired or nervous on big shoots

What do you love to capture?

Interesting faces or nature


What quality of video/photo do you like and why?

I like my vintage camera at 720p for handy cam clips


What has been your favourite project to work on and why?


Going to India & China to film Arnhem clothing’s campaign launch or seeing the music video I did for the Kava Kings stream on Rage TV.

But my all-time favourite projects are when it’s just a few friends over and we’re making videos in my garage studio and around the beach for fun

How do you feel after you finished a project?


Like I can sleep now that it’s been exported and posted haha, I’m very OCD when it comes to finishing a job before I go to bed

What’s the biggest struggle as a photographer/videographer?


Staying inspired 


What do you love about being creative?


Making stuff that’s in your head come to life feels good

Do you have any other creative outlets?


I’m dabbling in photography too now which is cool as it’s a whole other world, isn’t it?

But skateboarding and surfing as well.

What makes a perfect video/photo to you?

For videos: A good song✔️

For photos: Black and white ✔️


What is the best thing you’ve learnt so far?

That you don’t need the best equipment or software to make great work

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?


It’s not what you know it’s who you know


What can we expect from you in 2020?

Hmmm you’ll see!




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