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ABN: 93724951852

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How have you been since last time we talked?

I have been good Thank you! Keeping busy! 


Are you still working at Full Spectrum Tattoo?


Yes I’m still located down at Full Spectrum tattoo in BonBeach, Victoria! 


Have you seen your tattoo style progress?


Yeah I definitely have seen my tattoo and style progress since last time, just over a period of time with lots of watching and sitting I have been taught new techniques and practices to apply to my work and I have found a lot More subject matter that resonates with me to incorporate!

Have you attended any Tattoo Expo's?

I have actually attended 8 tattoo expos but have only tattooed at one in Brisbane and have a upcoming expo in Perth mid September! 


What has been your best experience since?

I don’t have a particular experience but everyone I get to meet and leave with a piece of my art always ensures an amazing experience and opportunity, I love to hear everyone’s stories and journeys and different perspectives on life! 

What is challenging about being a tattoo artist?

The most challenging bit of tattooing was through the first 12 months of my apprenticeship, unpaid, long hours and a lot of nitty-gritty boring tasks to complete but all well worth it in the long run to where I am currently and where this path will direct me! 

What is the funniest tattoo request you've had?

I was pretty shocked when 3 weeks into tattooing I had a client ask if I was keen on tattooing a crash bandicoot, with rollerblades, smoking a bong, in colour on the side of his head, gutted I never followed through with it  :,) 

Do you sometimes have tattoo's you're not happy with?

Sometimes I’m not the most impressed with my tattoos, but that’s not exactly quality-related, not everything is my style or my vibe so it doesn’t seem that special or amazing to me but could mean the world to someone else so as long as the clients are happy, I’m happy! 

Do you have a favourite tattoo piece you've done?

I don’t have a particular favourite piece in mind because every time I do something I impress myself with it’s always gonna be my “favourite”
So it’s everlasting, I always enjoy tattooing blackwork, black and grey and neo-traditional style pieces! 



Where is the hardest part to tattoo?


I personally find it a bit more difficult to tattoo knees or stomachs but anywhere with a lot of excess skin can sometimes be a pain 


Where is the most painful place to tattoo?

The knee can be pretty bitey, also the throats can be a killer! 


How important is it to have the right utensils?


Having the right equipment and utensils is definitely a must, we are leaving clients with something forever so we have to ensure that it’s clean, sterile and risk-free for infection! 

If it important to have training?


Yes if you’re keen on getting into the industry then getting an apprenticeship is definitely the way to go, find a mentor who is willing to teach you and stick with them, find someone who is invested and you’ll learn everything you need from them! 


Whats the best way to learn how to be a tattoo artist?


Touching on the last question, APPRENTICESHIP!!! having an apprenticeship under an experienced artist is the only way to legitimately go about working on the industry!

Have you tattooed yourself? How did it/they turn out?

I have tattooed myself a few times, once was the step before tattooing someone else I must first have had tattooed myself which was pretty fine, besides that sitting in my room, at 15, buzzing away on my leg with an eBay kit and No knowledge, don’t recommend but I love them still.

What do you have coming up in 2020?

2020 will hopefully be a big year, working on a few little side projects still art related but away from tattooing, besides that, I’m going to try tackle as many tattoo expos as I can and try to establish myself as I’m still a young artist in the industry. 

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What are you looking forward to in the new year?

I’m looking forward to all the insane and trippy pieces I get to do on the daily, I also love the idea of travelling and have bits and pieces of my work In different states/countries so that’ll be a pretty cool
Feeling with all the expos taking place in 2020!

Do you have any advice for an aspiring artist?

If you’re an aspiring tattoo artist all I can say is that it’s hard, it sucks

sometimes and not everything you do will be fun, you have to go through the shit to get the reward and I feel as if I have one of the most rewarding jobs in the world! Put in the time and effort and it’ll all pay off in the long run! 

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