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This is as Australian as it can get when it comes to Aussie Rock band THE CHATS! With the recent hits "SMOKO" , "PUB FEED" & "THE CLAP".

Eamon Sandwith on bass and vocals, shares their past year in the making since our last interview! 


Tell me a bit about The Chats?

The chats are a band who rock

What is The Chat's favourite beer?

Any sort of draught lager

Where is The Chat's favourite pub?


I dunno, anywhere with beer I guess

Do you relate your songs from life experience/cultural issues/just for fun?

it’s a combination of real life stuff and dumb shit i think about in my head.

What do The Chat’s represent about Australian Culture?

Not giving a fuck and an anti-authoritarian stance

When you write a song do you intend to stir up some media outlets/people?



What do you want Aussie's to understand when listening to your music?


That we rock



How does The Chat’s feel about Scott Morison?

Don’t like him

Your viral Christmas song "I hope Scott Morison's House Burns Down" what were the viewers reaction? Did Scomo himself react?

Most people liked it i think. some old cunts had a whinge though. Scott didn’t say anything to us about it.

How did you react to Ted Obrien's comments on 7news?

I reckon that was the funniest thing I’d ever seen.

How do you feel when people make negative comments about your music?

Don’t really mind because there’s plenty of people who like us.

What do you hope happens to Scomo in 2020?

Gets the sack.

What would you do to make Australia a better place if you were all Prime Minister?

Fuck yeah.



Why do you think it’s important to make people laugh about serious issues for example “The Clap” and “Identify Theft”?

Cause everyone takes everything so seriously, and they need someone to give them a laugh.

What's the purpose behind the song “The Clap”?

to show people it can happen to anyone

Do you think it needs to be discussed more openly?

Yes definitely there should be less stigma around STD’s.

Do you think Aussie's are too serious and need to stop being so up-tight?

Fuck yeah.

Who do you want to inspire/influence through your music?

Just people who want to be in a band but don’t think they’re good enough, they see us and know you don’t have to be technically “good at music” to rock out

How do you want to make a difference with your music?

Inspire people to rock.

Can you let us in on something you’re working on now? 


What can we expect in 2020 from The Chat’s? Tours/gigi’s ect.

Our debut album comes out march 27 and we’ll be touring US, Aus, UK, Europe, maybe more!




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