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Prymate aka The Primitive One tells us how his beat making inspires his art, why it's important to collaborate and the tips and tricks to gaffing around Melbourne City.

 Location | East Melbourne, Vic, Australia 


A bit about yourself?

22, human in appearance. Weary of salesmen.


Where did you learn the skills of music producing?

My mate Woosta knew how to work Fruity Loops (production program) His older bro Herzeloyde was already pretty into his vibe so I learnt all the kinda basic building blocks between those 2 dudes and just veered off into my own thing.

When did you decide to take music more seriously? 

2019 - Nine2five records is the catalyst I got a few responsibilities to hold down as far as productions and artworks helping my other homies put they stuff together so yeah I guess it steadily heading towards serious 

What programs do you use? 

FL & Pro Tools

Who has been your favourite person to collaborate with this year?


Woosta & Herzeloyde was a good one, linked up after a few years of no contact, ended up making a pretty big tune that day. I got a lotta love for those 2.

What do you love best about collaborating? 

Good chemistry

Do you have any pet peeves as a music producer?

Bad Drums 

 I see you do graffiti? When did you start creating art pieces?

I got into probably like the start of high school.

 What inspires you as an artist?

I love science fiction, comics and 40s through 70’s décor, if we're talking graffiti, whoever's killing it in Melbourne at the time I guess, right now I've been loving Ozone’s shit (clean and tech) and a french writer Riot1394s keeps catching my eye (super detailed)

What do you love about graffiti art?

You can't just talk the talk. separates a lot of bullshit that the art scene comes with... extensive explanations, over-complicated concepts and all that shit having said that graffiti is a fucking bloodsport so it definitely comes with its own brand of madness. you gotta do it to get it and you gotta pay to play.

 What do you like about being a creative?

 It’s a good excuse to do drugs.

Graffiti is a fucking bloodsport so it definitely comes with its own brand of madness.

Why do you think it’s important to be creative?

It looks boring on the other side of the fence.

Do you have any advice for an upcoming music producer?

Nothing happens overnight, consistency is key.

 Do you have any advice for people who do graffiti? 

Don’t tell on your friends, Lay off the bricks.

What's your goals for 2020 

Just gonna lay low on the social side of things and push the music as far as it will go ya know. Pretty standard, I got some heater new records to put out so really, for now, the focus is completion rather than new ventures. 


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