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ANONYMOUS artist "THR13TN" chats to us about his CREATIVE PROCESS and his recent 2019 release "UNHOLY"

     What type of music do you make? 


​I make trap metal and some softer trap. In general I got very mixed genres when doing music, so you can’t predict what’s next. 


     Why did you start making music?  

 ​I’ve always had an interest in doing music, cause it’s really about who I am.    


     What/who inspired you to start making music?  


​I would say that XXXTentacion would be the main inspiration for me to begin making my music. Alongside depression, where my thoughts and feelings kept breaking me down, so I had to express myself in a way I thought would help out. I do feel a lot better now though, but I’m not quite there yet. 


      Why the name “THR13TN”?  

The number 13 itself has a lot of personal history, which I’m not gonna go into as it would reveal more about me than I want. 

        What is unique about you as an musician/artist? 

I’m not trying to be someone I ain’t, cause I’m me. 


       Why do you chose to remain anonymous?  

​Cause, I want people to listen to the music as a whole, and not focus on the way a certain person looks. It’s not about the face, it’s about the music.



       Will you remain anonymous for the rest of your music career? 

​Maybe, maybe not. We’ll see about that. 




        What do you think is unique about your music?  


​My thoughts, and how I felt when I wrote it at that moment. I’d say that my music is unique to me cause I express myself and say how I feel. 

       What do you want people to feel when listening to your music?  

Whatever the fuck they want. If you connect with my music in a different way than  me, then that’s good. That means you’re true to yourself and not trying to ‘feel’ something that was supposed to be ‘right’. Stay honest. I’m trying to express every emotion that a human can go through, cause I’ve gone through every one of them myself. It’s okay to feel sad/angry, just as it is to okay to feel happy. 

It’s not about the face


it’s about the music


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       What is the theme/story behind “UNHOLY”?  

​The lyrics came from me working in a place I didn’t feel like I 
belonged. I felt like I was wasting my time, and was angry as fuck on myself for not getting anywhere. ‘Arise from the ash’ is a 
description of being a zombie, and deciding to break that shell to grow stronger. I got tired of waiting, so I decided to act. That’s how UNHOLY came to be. 

         Does this song challenge anything in regards to religion? 

​No. It doesn’t. 


         What do you think about religion?  

​I don’t give a fuck about what religion you follow. I got friends who’s grown up influenced under all religions. I ain’t religious myself, but I don’t mind other people following one. Everyone’s still human

        Your style is dope! Do you have a stylist?

Thank you! I don’t. I do everything myself when it comes to style. 

        What would you say your fashion style is?

​Tech-wear / Street-tech 


       What do you take inspiration from when choosing your outfit?


​I take inspiration from others and make it my own. 


       Can you reveal anything your working on now? 

COFFEE. That’s all I’m gonna say. 


        What is your plan for 2020?  

​Getting my name out there and getting recognised.  


        Do you have any advice for aspiring musicians?


​Chase your fucking dreams. Don’t care about what other people say. You will succeed in the end if you just stay persistent. Dedication is everything. 


          Anything else you’d like to add?  

Just wanna thank everyone for the incredible support