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VINTAGE               REVAMP

‘Vintage Revamp’ was created using new and authentic vintage fabric collected from various second hand shops, during a road trip across rural, Australia. Inspiration was drawn from working within restraints. This collection began miss-matched, but became cohesive through the silhouettes and nostalgic 70’s and 80’s patterns, many of which were made locally in Australia.



The objective was to create something new and relevant using old materials. I aim to remove the stigma of second hand and promote the urgent need to work with what already exists. Futuristic fashion is not only using old fabric in a new way, but also about the future of fashion and the essential steps needed to remain relevant in this environment.

Working within restrains is a real lucky dip.


I find great joy in the process of scouting the shops, creating designs that work with the fabric properties and creating pieces that are aesthetic. The manufacturing process begins with boil washing the fabric, making the pattern, and sewing and embellishing each piece.



Details are key. I try to use techniques that are based on traditional handcrafts to savour sentiment and craftsmanship that is quickly fading in the fast fashion industry. By using elements such as the tear drop knot on the 80’s crop tops, appliqué techniques on the jumpsuit and minimal waste pattern techniques throughout the pattern making process, I aim to challenge myself and constantly learn and harness new skills. Adding these extra details and by making accessories from the scraps, it creates uniqueness in a garment, prolonging the lifecycle.

Model | Caroline Alex McCurdy

Photographer | Naysi Luis

Photographers assistant | Jesus Anaya

Designer | Wearing Maia

Nails | Naria Carter Creations 

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This shoot was done with futuristic fashion in mind, having spent the past 5 years living in Tokyo I am acutely aware of the competitive nature of the fashion industry, waste produced in line with fast fashion, and the need to evolve practices with the future.



I worked with a truly wonderful team on this project! Renowned model, illustrator and good friend Caroline McCurdy, who embraced the strange and made all the fabulous poses. I was also lucky enough to collaborate with Panama based photographer Naysi Luis who was traveling through Tokyo at the time with photography assistant Jesus Anaya. They were both professional in conduct and a great laugh behind the scenes. There is also the fabulous nail details, created by the NSW based nail artist Narina Carter Creations. with their own unique input we were able to make the vision of sustainable futuristic fashion.

By Wearing Maia | December 2019